This Was Once a Love Song

from by VOLUME prod. by Dr B

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Written for the most magnificent human being I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving.


Never knew it could be like this
called it quits then you took me by the wrist
now we're livin' in perpetual bliss
no second guess stagger
heart's all up in the mix
You're my Planeteer I wanna be your Captain
save the Earth with the sound of our laughin'
by my side holdin' mittens while I'm rappin'
back in the boat for a movie maybe action
Brace for satisfaction cat nappin'
cook your favorite meal girl
you provide the napkins
If you want you can use my shirt while I'm distracted
lips brush my arm and it hurts sooo good
I could eat you up buttercup
and my insides flutter cause I know you wish I would
How'd we get it so good? (I dunno)


It's the big one
I can feel it in my chest
Blow an EKG up when I get a text
Next level phone call yes yes y'all
I'm all in head spins gotta lay down
Toes curl when I hear your sounds
pure poetry in motion wheel from ground to sky
shy around ya and I swear that's far from my everyday character no lie
Lost in beautiful eyes you're my sea and my sky
Wind blow, land here by the fire
can't hold a candle
hands shakin', sweat drips, thigh quakin'
Bed breakin', breath takin', back rakin'
every Goddamn muscle in our bodies achin',
love makin'
What's time? What space?
All boundaries break away, taste the day
sweet nights blur into what looks to be an incredible life
Some contrived line bout makin' you my wife
but we both know: this is deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deeper than labels
baskin' in my own modern day fable
Smile bright day glo, radiant angel
Two flames from a single soul
Love grows we been searchin' for eachother
since a day we're never lettin' go


from Levitate This, released May 22, 2012



all rights reserved


VOLUME Berkley, Michigan

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