Level Up!

by VOLUME and Dr. B

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A small taste of VOLUME's forthcoming EP produced by the marvelous Dr. B. Get ready for "Levitate This" dropping winter/spring 2012.


Level Up! Increase the disk speed, digital line feed, transcribed from loose leaf

Level Up! Boost to the MP, voluminous and plenty, crank it like a ten speed

Mind pattern the rhyme scattered reorganized in time Hatter the Mad splatter of brain matter redefine chatter and climb ladder the sign reached, achieve the peace, believe - release, please crease and unfold

Flatter than 17th century planetary models, origami gunsmoke / Lungs of gold alchemical pull / Internal ocean HOOO, stop this NO!

*Scratchy scratchy*

I flow transmutational primal, mind hybrid zygote, flyer than levitational dust mote, recreational float, 5 fingers of death stroke, sith choke, wrist broke, social poke to the throat, provoke quote:

"The cosmos is all that it ever is and ever was and ever will be" - Carl Sagan


Go for broke, rise from ashes, master classes, backspin tactics, rap delights, flashkicks / A breath of fresh air for the auditory asthmatics / Break the habit, chase the white rabit

Steady, slow to the terrapin burst break through red tape dispurse the suburbanite wordsmith curse I flirt with diaphragm hurts rhyme first...nurse when aftermath hits / Mischief manuscripts ain't no lunar landin' myth must be sniffin' space dust / Echoing eternity whisperin' "wake up" / Push through the sidewalk lung petal thrust / Diagram rhyme justice, I bust this, tilt axis with adrenaline rush!

*Scratchity scratchy*

Now move, soul flower groove, sho improve, third eye drops for the soothe / Super Sleuth sharp tooth, land of the photo booth, pictures of me and you, mustache and frames without lenses disguise / Eye on the prize captivated by lies the size of Sizemore thighs / Retina fried and I will do my best to hold off on the I told you so sew threads then kick it / Pushed to the limit this is serious business, no room for childish Christmas wishes GROW UP / Tore up from the floor upside down k-kick in fishnets wand out

Riddikulus stalled Odysseus from reaching Ithaca Icarus get me out of here this is madness appropriated from dark ages, so tragic, break the habit, chase the white rabbit / Sage hits mage witness face-lift / Zoroastrian clavicle slap reverberate through time and space / Abstract elaborate matchstick equestrian castle invasion piss equate to:

Who the fuck needs to have a personal blacksmith? Cried so many tears over the fears I am passed this. Corporations don't give a fuck about your asses / Jurassic tyrannosaurus problematic masturbation fascists SO:

I propose that you stop what you are doing and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla


Level Up! Increase the disk speed, digital line feed, transcribed from looseleaf

Level Up! Boost to the MP, voluminous and plenty, crank it like a ten speed

Level Up! Hit the basic function, blood starts pumpin', I bleed art

Level Up! Hit you with the meteor, push limit break and illuminate dark

Level Up! Here's to the people unified and equal, inner soul spark

Level Up! Foolishness and wisdom, both sides of the brain from the same heart


released December 30, 2011
Vocals - VOLUME
Productions, mixing, and mastering - Dr. B



all rights reserved


VOLUME Berkley, Michigan

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